About us

IAS Site is an educational website dedicated to all IAS aspirants preparing for civil service examinations.

Every year many students prepare for the UPSC Civil Service examination to achieve their dream of IAS. The website provides help to all these UPSC aspirants by providing them with free quality study material.

IAS Site aims to make learning simple and provide its user with an enjoyable experience. We focus on our service and improve it regularly to provide a better user experience to all users.

What if I found a mistake or some outdated info in the past archive, how to edit it?

Since it’s a blog, there is no facility for editing the content by its users, as we have in Wikipedia and other sites. However, when you find any error, just leave your comment. We check that particular info and eliminate the error. Please note that the comments which indicate an error don’t get published. This is to avoid further discussions and confusion.

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