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On 27 December 2021, the NITI Aayog released the fourth edition of the State Health Index for 2019-20. The report titled: “Healthy States, Progressive India”. It ranks the States and Union Territories on their year-on-year incremental performance in health outcomes and their overall status. The Index is being compiled and published since 2017.

Overview of NITI Aayog Health Index 2021

Released by:National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog
Performance of States in the fourth edition of Index1. Kerala
2. Tamil Naidu
3. Telangana
4. Andra Pradesh
5. Maharashtra
6. Gujarat
7. Himachal Pradesh
8. Punjab
9. Karanataka
10. Chhattisgarh
11. Haryana
12. Assam
13. Jharkhand
14. Odisha
15. Uttarakhand
16. Rajasthan
17. Madhya Pradesh
18. Bihar
19. Uttar Pradesh

About the NITI Aayog Health Index 2021

  • The fourth round of the State Health Index focuses on measuring and highlighting the overall performance and incremental performance of States and UTs over the period 2018-19 to 2019-20.
  • The report has been developed by the NITI Aayog, in close consultation with the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and with technical assistance from the World Bank.
  • The Health Index is a weighted composite score based on the States’ performance across 24 indicators grouped under three broad domains:
    • Health Outcomes
    • Governance and Information
    • Key Inputs and processes.
  • Each domain has been assigned weights based on its importance with the higher score for outcome indicators.
    • Health outcomes include parameters such as neonatal mortality rate, under-5 mortality rate, and sex ratio at birth.
    • Governance includes institutional deliveries, average occupancy of senior officers in key posts earmarked for health.
    • Key inputs domain consists of the proportion of shortfall in healthcare providers to what is recommended, birth and death registration, functional medical facilities, and tuberculosis treatment success rate.
  • For ensuring the comparison among similar entities, the ranking is categorized as: ‘Larger States‘, ‘Smaller States‘, and the ‘Union Territories‘.

Key Highlights of the NITI Aayog Health Index 2021

For the fourth year in a row, Kerala has topped the ranking of States on health indicators.

About 47% of the States showed the highest performance in health outcomes and governance and information domains.

Overall Performance

As per the Index, among the ‘Larger States‘ category, Kerala became the top performer in terms of overall health performance. On the other hand, Uttar Pradesh has ranked last with respect to overall performance.

Tamil Nadu emerged as second-best, whereas Telangana emerged as the third-best performer State on health parameters.

Bihar is the second-worst performer, while Madhya Pradesh is the third-worst performer on the health parameters.

Mizoram and Tripura became the top performers in overall performance among the ‘Smaller States‘ category.

In the ‘UTs‘ category, Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu and Chandigarh are the best performers in overall performance.

Incremental Performance

However, in terms of annual incremental performance among the “Larger States’, Uttar PradeshAssam, and Telangana are the top three ranking states.

Among the ‘Smaller States‘, Mizoram and Meghalaya registered the highest annual incremental progress in the reference year 2019-20.

Among the ‘UTs‘, Delhi showed the best incremental performance, followed by Jammu and Kashmir.

NITI Aayog Health Index 2021 – Larger States Ranking

RankStateComposite ScoreIncremental Rank
2Tamil Naidu72.428
4Andhra Pradesh69.9510
7Himachal Pradesh63.1715
17Madhya Pradesh36.726
19Uttar Pradesh30.571

NITI Aayog Health Index 2021 – Smaller States Ranking

RankStateComposite ScoreIncremental Rank
7Arunachal Pradesh33.916

NITI Aayog Health Index 2021 – Union Territories Performance

RankUnion TerritoriesComposite ScoreIncremental Rank
1Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu66.196
6Jammu and Kashmir47.002
7Andaman & Nicobar Islands44.745

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